Osteoporosis; bone health

Osteoporosis effects bones. Bones are living tissue, porous, consisting of a matrix of collagen and minerals. It is in a continual state of flux i.e remodelling. Most of the adult bone density is fully developed by 17 years and remains strong until into 30’s, at which point the ageing process takes affect slowly.

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Cryotherapy: What are the benefits?

Cryotherapy is whole-body exposure to dry air vapours at sub-zero temperatures which stimulate blood circulation, endocrine system, Immune system and Central Nervous System. Cryotherapy is used to decrease the metabolic output of soft tissue post-exercise, reducing lactic acid (LA) output and inflammation.

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Walking: Strain or Pain

What happens when you start feeling strain and pain in your feet and legs?
Do you push through the pain, rest up on the couch or get treatment?
Here are some common causes of pain in the lower extremity below the knee.

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